REBarCamp Indiana 2018

October 11, 2018

This past month, we had the honor of joining in on the fun at REBarCamp in South Bend, Indiana! We met some amazing real estate and industry professionals, and we’re looking forward to all of our new successful long term business relationships! We sponsor many real estate events every year, but this one is special to us, and here’s why.

REBarCamp had it’s first meeting in San Francisco in 2008. REBarCamp is a barcamp for Real Estate (R.E. barcamp). This means that the event is not structured like a typical planned conference. Sessions aren’t planned out in advance, and no one is paid to deliver a session. Anyone can deliver a session, and attendees are strongly encouraged to participate, which we LOVE! REBarCamp in an un-conference!

This year we got to attend a session in which the President of the Indiana Association of Realtors spoke about technology advances in Silicon Valley-type companies, and how these companies and their peers are working hard to put the average realtor out of business. That’s right - they’re thinking up new ways in which real estate could be done all online. While we believe that there truly is nothing that can replace the relationship between a realtor and their clients, we’re interested to see the future of these ventures, and how real estate business morphs and changes over the years! 

Thanks again to REBarCamp for having us this year. It’s events like these that help remind us why we love doing what we do.