As a kid growing up in a small beach town in Southern California, I remember passing time flipping through friends’ magazines, just to look at the ads. Fast forward years later and I’ve found myself thriving in the same business. Bader Marketing & Design, Inc was established in Maryland in 2006 with the idea that every business relationship we make can be a win-win relationship. We love that as we help our clients grow their brand or business, we in turn see growth in our company and the people that work for it. We are a family owned business founded on integrity and committed to honor in every aspect of our work. After almost 20 years of business, and making it through the mortgage crash in 2008, we’ve learned more than we could have ever hoped, and we’re looking forward to the many years to come. Thanks for being part of this journey with us. 

We’re so thankful we get to do what we do. 


– Founder & Owner, Theresa Bader